My Dogs

Each dog coming into my home is loved, honoured, and trained to the best of their ability. Regardless of Temperament, I train and compete with the dog that I get. 

Old age means never owning all of the dogs that you wanted to. Joe Gores


Pippa Border Collie playing in puddles, Victoria, BC
Perfect Pippa

Perfect Pippa was not, so we called her this until she became it.  Pippa arrived after powerful Reggie, which didn't help her any, and she was reserved and worried about the world.  The first year was a lot of very careful work.  I got Pippa for the sport of obedience, which she did not like.  I made her a promise:  If she could learn to love heelwork, I would give her sheep.  She currently has four.  

Herding was the final puzzle piece to help her become strong.  I have no idea what I am doing, but she does.  At least one of us is talented in this venue.

Some dogs are extra special, and our connection with them is that much deeper.  Pippa is one of those dogs for me.  

Perfect Pippa as a yearling, Pippa with Sheep Eyes
Reggie and Monique, in France, for FCI IPO Worlds 2015
Reggie IPO III

Reggie is my current competition dog.  In 2015 we represented Canada at the FCI IPO World Championships.  Wonderful Reggie is a handful to train and live with, though he is always fun, always happy, and always ready to work.  He continues to teach me lots, and will continue to show me the world, and open more doorways and training opportunities for us.  

FCI IPO Worlds in Switzerland, 2015, Reggie and Pippa, attacking a bottle, Victoria, BC, Reggie GSD Jumping 1 Meter
Malinois, with a presence!


Charlie is my husband's dog, that he unknowingly acquired.  She was a second-hand dog that has been a fun process to build and train.  She has recently come into her 'girl power' and now is starting to define the word 'bitch'.  She brings a certain zip and presence to our household, and her work.  She has a fun training future and career ahead of her!

, Charlie Malinois, showing the benefits of Training, in Victoria, BC, Charlie, in Victoria, BC
MOTCH, SCH III, CH Syneckdocke's Mighty Basil Brush UDX, TD, BH, AD, RA, AKC CDX

MOTCH. CH. Synecdocke´s Might Basil Brush AD, BH, RA, UDX, TD, AKC CDX, Sch H III

  • Number 3 Herding, and Number 1 Belgian in Canada, 2011
  • Appeared on Cesar Milan Victoria Tour, 2010.  He did a performance showing that Obedience can indeed be fun!
  • On the first ever team representing Canada at Crufts World Cup of Obedience, in England 2010
  • High in Trial, and Best of Opposite at the Belgian Specialty 
  • Multiple High in Trials
  • CDX with firsts in class, and multiple 198s
  • Schutzhund Three title - First Terv in Canada to achieve this title



OTCH, Alt. Ch., U-CD Diavolino´s Spontaneous UD, AKC CDX, AgN, AD, RN
OTCH, Alt. Ch., U-CD Diavolino´s Spontaneous UD, AKC CDX, AgN, AD, RN

OTCH, Alt. Ch., U-CD Diavolino´s Spontaneous UD, AKC CDX, AgN, AD, RN

  • My second Soul Dog and she is dearly missed
  • number 4 toy in Canada 2002
  • winner 2005 Italian Greyhound National specialty in both Obedience & alt. conformation
  • Second IG in Canada to get her OTCH
  • multiple High In Trials
  • High Score of 199 1/2
  • Number One Italian Greyhound 2001, 2002 and 2003
  • First dog in Canada to get her Altered Championship, with three Group Firsts, one Best in National Specialty
  • One utility leg with a high-in-class

Mandy is a special little dog, being one of the only sight-hounds that executes her work with flash and flare. She is a joy to watch in the obedience ring, and a joy to live with. Mandy has taught me patience, and plenty of it.

It is a wonderful experience to be owned by an Italian greyhound.  Sadly I lost this precious girl in November 2012

, ,
Neville IPO I, Tracking III

Neville De Lupus Saevus Sch I, BH

Neville was retired at age three and due to health issues.  He got to compete once only, getting not only his Schutzhund One under the esteemed Judge Elmar Mannes, but also winning with a HIgh in Trial.  He is now our beloved pet.


Hilda CDX, AD, BH, Ag N, TD
  • Multi High In Trials
  • High Score of 198
  • Number 1 Irish Terrier, and 9th Terrier in Canada.
  • Hilda is naturally dog-aggressive and has been trained through it

Hilda is an Irish Terrier. She has been a challenge to train, and has broken almost every rule of dog training. Hilda forced me to grow as a trainer, and owner. We shared a very special bond, that only people with problem dogs can really understand. 

U-CD Perdue´s Catch The Red Eye CDX, BH, AKC CD, CGC

U-CD Perdue´s Catch The Red Eye CDX, BH, AKC CD, CGC

Rita died at age 16 and is dearly missed. She was an  American Staffordshire Terrier, bred by Pamela Perdue. Rita blessed our house with her patience and love for many years. Rita´s one goal in life was to keep the couch warm, and she did it very well.

Dogs never live long enough. Rita's sweet and kind energy is very missed in our home.

U-CD Sparkle´s Gibson Martini CDX, AKC CDX, BH, AD, WC

U-CD Sparkle´s Gibson Martini CDX, AKC CDX, BH, AD, WC

Some dogs are so special that words cannot honour them. Gibby fits into that category. He has made me laugh and cry, but regardless, I have never felt alone.

Thank you Dee Dee for sending me this very special little dog!

Gibby retired with multiple High-inTrials, one utility leg, and sadly, Addison´s disease. When he feels up to it, he will help teach classes with me!