Dog Day School

Are You Too Busy to Train Your Dog?     Or is the Thought Too Overwhelming?    We Can Help!

Dog Day School: A new concept, taking Dog Day Care to a whole new level. You send your dog to daily school, Monday through Thursday, for one month, or more if you choose. Not only is he entertained and exercised, but he will be learning all that you need him to know to be your perfect companion, so that you can enjoy him in your spare time. The training program is individualized for every dog, thus every temperament, giving you what you need to enjoy your dog. Behaviour problems are not only accepted, but welcomed.  If your dog does have aggression towards his handler (namely me) please be upfront about this and a private lesson may be needed in advance to find out suitability of this program for your dog.  However, this is the perfect program if you are too busy for training, or if your training seems too overwhelming and you need some help before you can start.

Because only a few dogs are accepted at a time, community outings and appropriate socialization are an integral part of the program. We will do for your dog what you don´t have time to do. Your dog will leave every night with his communication book, letting you know how his day went, and giving you any information that you might need to make living with your dog easier.

If needed, private lessons will be arranged to keep you up to date on how to handle your newly trained dog. These will be included in the fee listed below, providing the hours are during day school hours.

What more could you want! Send your dog out for a fun day, and in return get a tired, content and trained dog home for the evening.

There are many Pros to this program, however, there also are some cons.  First, it is expensive, because of the amount of time, energy and committment that will be put into your dog.  Second, your dog will be retrained, but then you need to follow up and learn how to handle him.  This works really well for dogs who are simply too challenging for you to manage.  i can start the process for you, then teach you how to continue.  You will still have to put work into your dog.... however, I will be there to guide you and coach  you through the process.

Cost: $2645 + tax for 18 training days. There is a 10% discount on subsequent dogs.

Dog drop off will take place at 1633 Kangaroo Road, Metchosin.  Or, we can pick up from your home for an additional fee

When: I prefer to do Day School on my quieter teaching months, meaning that I can focus fully on your dog.  There is some flexibility depending upon your desperation level, and my business at the moment!  My perfect months are October, December, February, March, May, June and July.

Our Specialty: Retraining of dog-aggressive dogs (we can get them back into the dog-park), basic obedience training, puppy socialization, teaching dogs to "come", retraining behavioural or temperament issues, and working with dogs who have been "declared dangerous", or daily management and entertainment while you are at work, or on holidays. If you can imagine it, we can train your dog to do it. I suggest you have between one to three solid goals that you want to accomplish.