Dog Day School

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Have you been to many trainers but your dog isn't where he needs to be?  Or is the Thought Too Overwhelming or Your Needs Too Unique?    If yes, Day School might be your perfect alternative.

My Specialty: Retraining of dog-aggressive dogs (we can get them back into the Real World and enjoying it), puppy socialization, retraining behavioural or temperament issues, and working with dogs who have been "declared dangerous".  However, I'm open to any challenge.  You will see a giant improvement in your dog...

Dog Day School: A new concept, taking Dog Day Care to a whole new level. Send me your dog daily Monday to Thursday, for one month, or more if you choose. The training program is individualized for every dog and temperament, giving you what you need. Behaviour problems are not only accepted, but welcomed. 

Private lessons will be arranged within Day School hours, and the fee is included, to keep you up to date on how to handle your newly trained dog. 

There are many Pros to this program, however, there also are some cons. 

1) You still must learn how to handle your dog  

2) One month will not be enough if you are struggling with reactivity or other more ingrained challenges.  

Your dog will be retrained, but then you need to follow up and learn how to handle him.  I will start the process for you, then teach you how to continue.  You will still have to put work into your dog.... however, I will be there to guide you and coach  you through the process.  Our final flaw of this program is 3)  If you do not continue, your dog will revert back.  

Cost: $2645 for eighteen training days. There is a 10% discount if you bring 2 dogs.   We will let you know right away if extra time will be needed for your dog.  

Dog drop off will take place at 1633 Kangaroo Road, Metchosin. We can make arrangements for drop off if you have odd hours.

Day School has limited availability, due to the time invested in each dog. 


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