Boarding School: Let Us Train Your Dog For You

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Boarding School:  Let Us Train Your Dog For You

Most of the time learning to train our dog is a fun, rewarding process.  Then othertimes, it is too overwhelming, with minimal progress made.  We would never put a green rider on a green horse, and sometimes we shouldn't put a green owner with a green dog...

If you find yourself in this situation, Boarding School might be the perfect option for you. Drop your dog off to us, and he will live here, on three fully fenced acres, and get trained, socialized, and exercised by us.  When you pick him up, you will need to be schooled in how to manage and continue on with your training, but the hardest part will have been completed by us.  

We have access to unique training opportunities, including dogs for socialization, which means we can get you results quicker, and better, in a more customized way, that is stress free for you!  In addition, for graduates of the 18day program, I will provide free ongoing help on Thursday mornings for as long as you need provided your attendance is regular (ask for more details).

Length of Programs:

~~5 Day Puppy Intensive, suitable only for young puppies (under 14 weeks) who are struggling.  cost $1150, which includes a follow up lesson.

~~ 18 Days.  Obedience and help with behaviour problems.   We do the hard work, and then you get to continue on with the process.  This program is also great for families with busy schedules who need excellent obedience and control on their dog.   On this package I offer you a promise.  If you stand by your dog, I will stand by you.

Cost varies depending on behaviour issues and complexity. Contact the office for pricing.

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