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Benefits of Practise – when obedience training your dog

We have all been told that practice makes perfect, though in reality only perfect practice makes perfect. Yet right now I’m struggling with several underachieving students who feel that zero practice will make perfect!

Coming to class is a good start towards retraining your dog. However, coming to class once a week, without practicing all of the good behaviour that you have learned, is a waste of time. No person, or animal, has ever learned to master a skill when practicing it once a week. A weekly lesson is as effective as no lessons.

Becoming A Dog Trainer

Learning the art of Dog Training can be likened to learning  to speak a language.  For those that can do it fluently, it is not a thought process; it is just something that you do.  And when you are asked to define it, it can be rather a struggle trying to define the concept of feel and timing.  Many dog trainers intrinsically know,  but are not cognitively aware.


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