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Fear – how it affects your dog and dog training

Most dog aggressive dogs have fear-based aggression. Please pay attention to the word ‘most’; not all dogs are fear aggressive. But for those dogs, the question is how did they become fearful? It becomes the chicken and egg riddle. Were they always scared of novel stimuli, and then they became fearful of dogs, or were they always fearful of dogs and then became aggressive toward strange dogs? Did the old-seated problem become more severe with experience, or was it something entirely new?

How to Raise a Normal Dog – or retrain your problematic one

I am the local go-to person for the complicated or problematic dogs.  This is my niche,and has allowed me to spot some handling errors that all with problematic dogs make. While none of my owner’s created their complicated canines, they are maintaining their behaviour with these things.  Here are some clues about how to change your problematic dog into the normal one that you had hoped for!


1)    If you treat your dog like a tiger, he will become one

Emotions – Feeling What We Speak When Training Our Dogs

“What we think and feel, our body does”.  Diane Ackerman

Reggie is taking me on great adventures. He is the most amazing dog I have ever met but amazing does not equate to easy. Reggie is not for the faint of heart, and I am learning how to bring the most out of my monster-  child thanks to my amazing teachers both near and far. My lesson of the past year is about emotions, and feeling what I ask of him.

A Certificate Does Not A Dog Trainer Make – the disadvantage of Certification Schools for Dog Trainers

A Certificate Does Not A Dog Trainer Make

“If the only tool you have is a hammer you tend to see every problem as a nail”  Abraham Maslow


A short course, certificate and title “Professional” does not make us a dog trainer.  In fact it might do the opposite.

Stress Relief through Clear Communication in Dog Training

I’ve recently been surrounded by really kind people.  And these really kind people are also really kind to their dogs.  When their dogs are rude, they wait for their dogs to not be rude, then reward them.  The people that I have recently been around and myself have two giant differences. 1)  I will not tolerate a lack of respect, nor rudeness, from my dogs.   The overly kind people will, because the word ‘No’ has somehow become evil.

And 2), – my dogs are not stressed.


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