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Learning Theory Revisited – when obedience training your dog.


While behaviour and training follow scientific rules all learned in the laboratory, we with our own dogs have dynamic relationships, households, and other complexities going on. Limiting training simply to Skinner’s four quadrants of reinforcement and punishment does not allow for the complex thinking and emotions that our dogs have. It doesn’t consider that the one dog that came to class and is panicking might only be panicking because of the car ride to class, or another uncooperative dog cannot learn because he is cold.

Your Dog’s Largest Disability

Performance and self image are always equal. You will only do as good as you expect to do. What you imagine in your head is what you are going to get. You will never do better, though it is possible to do worse!

You hold the key to your success. In your head you can only have one type of thought – and those are positive thoughts or negative thoughts. You can only have one at a time- which puts the idea into your consciousness.

What Buddhist Scriptures Teach us for Dog Training and our Difficult Dogs

Buddhist Scriptures (Amyuktagama Sutra, volume 33) help us understand about mindset: “It is said that there are four types of horses; Excellent ones, good ones, poor ones, and bad ones. The best horse will run slow and fast, right and left, at the driver’s will, before it sees the shadow of the whip; the second best will run as well as the first one does, just before the whip reaches its skin; the third one will run when it feels pain on its body; the fourth will run after the pain penetrates to the marrow of its bones.

Training For The Stupidest Human: train your dog for real-life

My profession has left me a little cynical.  I believe that in order to protect our dogs, we must train them for the stupidest human as accident prevention. 

Never underestimate the stupidity of a human, and what unfair thing they might do to your dog.  Train your dog for every possible scenario that your over-imaginative mind can create, which will prepare him for what ‘might’ happen. You cannot train for every scenario but you can get your dog so desensitized to stupidity that they become bomb-proof.


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